Product – Cutting Sandwiches

Bini: Cutting Sandwiches Professionally

Most people do not like waiting in a queue for a long time before they can order a sandwich. It gets on customers’ nerves, causing some of them to just leave. That is the last thing you want. Although cutting sandwiches seems quite simple, recent surveys have revealed that it is not as easy as everyone thinks. Some staff members do not cut sandwiches straightly, some cut sandwiches too slowly, while others even cut their hands. We have found the solution!

The Bini Snack Sandwich Cutter – a new product, which will ensure that your sandwiches are cut efficiently and which will also make sure that you have perfectly cut sandwiches. You will save a lot of time and your customers will be very satisfied. You will also enjoy an increase in productivity. Indeed, we have the ideal solution for you!

Discover the advantages of this exceptional appliance Bini: cutting sandwiches economically/efficiently and quickly!
– Fast and safe
– Tidy and hygienic
– Economical and profitable
– Light and stable
– Easy to use
– Low maintenance
– Functional design

Bini exists in three versions: a table model, a wall model and on a footrest